We have named our restaurant as a tribute to Maria Felix also known as Maria Bonita after one of  the most famous writers and singers of the time "Agustin Lara"  who married Maria wrote and dedicated a song for her, named Maria Bonita, who became very popular and is still listened today interpreted by different singers world wide.

Doubtlessly the most famous Mexican movie star, María Félix created a larger-than-life character: herself. La Doña, as the star was known after the character of her 1943 movie Doña Bárbara, starred in 47 movies, most of them forgettable except for her presence in them. More a star than an actress, she constructed an image of a tough woman, a sort of one-liner she-male that went beyond the traditional role of Latin American women. Her marriage to Agustín Lara the most popular Latin composer from the 30s to the 60s, was a great event itself. Her fame went beyond Mexico to Latin America, Spain, France and Italy. She always refused to learn English, so she never acted in any English language movie. That's the main reason why her fame was related almost exclusively to Latin countries. After her last film, she was linked to a number of film projects, but never came back to the screen. Her last performance was on a Mexican historic soap opera, in 1970.

Maria Bonita Restaurant is where south of the border flavor meets the Yuma Arizona City to create global experiences rooted in local heritage.

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Our Story

Maria Felix, "La Doña"

A patchwork of culture, community, and comida for food lovers introducing them to the Mexican cuisine.

Maria Bonita is the latest venture own and operated by Chef Miriam Vega and Armand Aranda.

Chef Miriam and Armand  have been successful restauranteurs since 2009 in Mexico, initially with  Pier 19 Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo and a second location in Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico; then they decided to start another venture in Morgan Hill California; her home town, with La Niña Perdida Mexican Restaurant in 2014.

Maria Bonita is a destination born of a unique vision. In our restaurant, you’ll experience upscale dining that honors Mexican heritage, culinary techniques, and the global explorations and inspirations.

A blend of traditions and culinary innovations, our menu reflects  the unique regions of Mexico and their time-honored preparation techniques with modern trends in Mexican cuisine.